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FROM THE ARTIST: Puzzle is a song written with the mindset of what happens when everything is ruined and defeat is the ever racing thought that paces the mind. Given the current climate, artistic individuals being forced to take pause whatsoever can be very difficult and harrowing. Hopefully with continuing creativity and furthering new breath into these tracks, we will have given way to inspiration for all and added just a little more gasoline to our internal burning fires. The song is 125 BPM and produced by us and J Clark. We are extremely excited to hear what this song turns into in the hands of others.

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*Puzzle* is a 495.8MB zip file of samples provided as 24-bit 48khz WAV files.

Download (495.8MB zip)

USAGE: Unless specifically stated otherwise in the project notes, assets provided via ISOLATE/CREATE are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. No license is granted and any commercial usage or duplication of any materials herein is strictly prohibited.

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