Slow Mass

FROM THE ARTIST: Here is a leftover from our recording sessions for On Watch. While this was written early on into the album’s construction, we always felt that this piece was a bit of an oddball and constantly left us puzzled on how to finish it. Multiple members tried to add vocals (and I mean truly truly truly truly tried) but nothing came about. Multiple potential collaborators were reached out to (some of who still might add something in the future) but as of now, the song still sits patiently unfinished on our digital shelf.

So, what does this crisis mean for all of us? How are you feeling? Paranoid? Agoraphobic? Germaphobic? And unfortunately witnessing xenophobia take hold in the public domain? I’m not gonna lie: I am somewhat scared of the unknown, even if there is a freeing notion to sitting on the edge of the cliff for too long. We’re hoping that this website and its mission statement can help breathe some excitement into this new void.

Add vocals, rearrange the song, remix it, chop n screw it… literally anything you want. All we ask is that you tag us @slowmassmusic, email us or just share it #slowmass. We’d love to see what inspiration comes about from this.

Love and safety to you and yours. See you on the other side.

Pack Name:


*J.L.* is a pack of stems provided in a 615MB zip file of 16-bit 44.1 khz WAV files.

Download (615MB zip)

USAGE: Unless specifically stated otherwise in the project notes, assets provided via ISOLATE/CREATE are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. No license is granted and any commercial usage or duplication of any materials herein is strictly prohibited.

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