Psychic Graveyard

Photo by Alia Jyawook

FROM THE ARTIST: I have been pouring my guts out to counselors ever since I was 19. I’m in my early 40’s now, so, that is a lot of years of trying to psychologically get somewhere.

Over time, I realized that I could write more easily after my appointments. I like to imagine it’s because of the vulnerable state I occupy during my counseling sessions but it is most likely because the sessions end way before I had a chance to get all my complaining out.

I wrote the lyrics for 19th Circuit while sitting in my shrink’s waiting room. I had screwed up my appointment and arrived on the wrong day. Not realizing my mistake, I was sitting there irrationally angry at my counselor for missing my appointment. I was repeating over and over in my head, “Where the fuck are you? I am trying to improve.”

About 30 minutes later he walked in, and asked what I was doing there. “I have you scheduled for tomorrow” he said.

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19th Circuit

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