Jaye Jayle

FROM THE ARTIST: The album PRISYN was originally composed entirely on my iPhone while riding in the van on tour in 2019. That concept for creating has a kinship with these strange prison like days of the pandemic lockdown. The song “Don’t Blame the Rain” might sounds like a drug induced panic attack in a European discotheque, though the lyrics tackle Southern conservatism and my efforts to rise above Kentucky’s oppressive culture.

Tear this song apart, make it your own, gift it a new life, and give it a new meaning. Make it about your struggles or make it about your joys. The song is yours now.

Thank you.

  • Evan Patterson / Jaye Jayle
Pack Name:

Don't Blame the Rain

*DON'T BLAME THE RAIN* is a pack of stems provided as 24bit 44.1khz WAV files.

Download (436MB zip)

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