Deaf Club

Photo by Becky DiGiglio

FROM THE ARTIST: Deaf Club would like to offer the stems for the tracks to our debut EP, “Contemporary Sickness”. No pun intended, as the title for this album was lifted from the art-activists, CONSIC. While we see the root of the current epidemic might be rooted in capitalism, we would like to give you the tools to do what you would like with our sounds that we have provided. You can reach us directly on any of our social media platforms and if you feel the need to support us if applicable. You know what to do. - Deaf Club

Pack Name:

Contemporary Sickness

*Contemporary Sickness* is a full multitrack session provided in a 497MB zip file of 24bit 88.1khz WAV files. Material provided courtesy of Three One G.

Download (497MB zip)

USAGE: Unless specifically stated otherwise in the project notes, assets provided via ISOLATE/CREATE are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. No license is granted and any commercial usage or duplication of any materials herein is strictly prohibited.

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