Chelsea Wolfe

Photo by Nick Fancher

FROM THE ARTIST: “Erde” is the root word for Earth, meaning “all-dirt.”

In this song I’m singing lines to Mother Earth about all the strange & painful dances we perform on her soil: a parent with a child on death row, corporate pollution that leads to disease in humans & rivers catching fire, & so much time spent staring at screens.. In the background I’m listing off poisonous & medicinal plants - summoning them. Musically, it’s meant to feel ritualistic & primal, very connected to the rhythms of the earth.

Here are the stems - remix it if you’d like. We are all forced to step back right now & see all these things with the perspective of finally slowing down. The world is always pushing us to move so fast - & it’s exhausting.. on us & on Mother Earth.

-CW // BC

Pack Name:


*Erde* is a pack of stems provided in a 910MB zip file of 24-bit 96 khz WAV files. BPM is 155 in first section, & 158 for the ending. Provided courtesy of Sargent House .

Download (910MB zip)

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